Welcome to Sounds Delish!

DSC_0313_2I’ve always been interested in food and how it connects people.  I love food, all types, but as you’ll see from this blog, I like homemade things that are mostly healthy and more often than not, plant-based.

Cooking and baking are therapeutic activities for me that just happen to have a great end result!  I love not just the process of creating dishes, but the environment of eating and what it means to sit and enjoy together.  Yes, we need food to survive, but I rarely eat for pure energy and like to always eat for pleasure, too.

I started this blog to share recipes and stories about food, and let you come along as I host dinner parties, juice vegetables and fruits, blend vegan smoothies, and make healthier versions of my favorite dishes.  My philosophy is to definitely have your cake, but make it homemade so you know exactly what’s inside.  Make every bite count and appreciate the yumminess without over-indulging. There’s (almost) always more where that came from.  If there’s not, go ahead and lick the plate!

Please contact me with questions or recipe ideas, or just to say, Hello!

– Paige

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