Earth Day Green Smoothie


Green smoothies really have become so mainstream and a staple for many people, myself included.  They are really the best way to get fruits and veggies in your system — today on Earth Day and every day!  I love how I feel after I have a green smoothie and find myself craving them when I can’t make one or find a shop that does.  This recipe is easily tweak-able to your liking but I’ll give you the basics of how I make sure my smoothie is always tasty, creamy and just cold enough to be easily digested by my body.


These are my smoothie mainstays: fresh ginger, chia seeds, raw walnuts and cinnamon.  I love the taste of ginger and cinnamon but they’re also both super good for you and have anti-inflammatory properties, which is great.  Chia seeds and walnuts are both high in omega-3 fatty acids and have good protein.  I don’t particularly like walnuts so I sneak them into my smoothie because they’re really one of the best nuts for you!

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Carrot, Orange and Olive Salad


I have to admit, I was very skeptical about this salad combination when I first read the recipe.  I don’t think I’ve had a salad that incorporates carrots, oranges, raisins and olives before but now that I’ve tasted it, I think the combination will be a staple at my house.  This simple and easy-to-make salad has a delicate salty-sweetness that’s really unexpected!  The toasted cashews give a nice crunch and flavors like cumin and maple syrup pull everything together.

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