Carrot Banana Granola Balls

I am a snacker.  I like to “graze” throughout the day, filling my belly with tasty, sweet things that also are healthy-ish.  Food gives us fuel, sure, but truthfully, I just like eating.  I like tasting something that removes me from the moment, and (hopefully) enhances it!


The base of these yummy granola balls are carrots and bananas.  Hello, health!  Both give a great texture to the mix that almost gives these treats a cake-like consistency.


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Kale Noodle Salad with Avocado Miso Dressing

Ahhh, KALE.  Healthy, green, kale that is one of the 2012 “food trends” that stuck.  To me, it’s a staple.  I love kale in smoothies, juices, salads, with quinoa and as chips!  But, when I read this recipe for a Kale Noodle Bowl, I had a good feeling.


Kale is rough and tough, so removing the stems and cutting the kale into ribbons makes it easy to eat.  Especially when warmed by the buckwheat soba noodles we’re using.


The noodles cook quickly, and you can prep the kale and the dressing in just about the time it takes the water to boil and the noodles to cook.  It’s fast!

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White Bean Salad with Roasted Tomatoes and Arugula


It is the end of summer and it is starting to (finally!) feel Fall-ish.  In Arizona, you don’t see colors change, but the air feels different and the sun is setting earlier.  I like it.  But, I will miss summer tomatoes.  This bean dish feels like a Welcome to Fall dish.



It uses heavy, flavorful vegetables like fennel, carrots and onions — but we get a subtle sweetness from tomatoes, and a heartiness from the beans.



I used great northern beans, which taste and look similar to cannelini beans, but these are a bit smaller.

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