Balsamic roasted beet salad with goat cheese


Beets are beautiful.  There is no other way to describe them.  Well, there is healthy, yummy and many other adjectives I could use to describe beets, but beautiful is the best.  I absolutely love them.  I know many people who don’t feel the same way, but after this salad, I think we can change their minds.


If you’ve never roasted your own beets, it is really an easy thing to do.  The oven does most of the work and then your hands get a tad bit stained when you start peeling them, but that’s OK.

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Breakfast quinoa with cinnamon sticks


Morning is a sacred time, in my opinion.  Nothing good or bad has happened, and the day has yet to take shape.  One of the easiest and best ways to start the day on the right foot is by having a satisfying breakfast.  Yes, balanced and healthy is important, but if it is not satisfying, then I really don’t care.


Quinoa (keen-wa for those who don’t know!) is delicious and packed with protein and fiber.  It has a mild, nutty taste and can be savory or sweet.  It is a great breakfast option, trust me!


For this recipe, we are using cinnamon sticks to provide a cinnamon essence.  It will not be an overpowering cinnamon flavor so you can also add other toppings and flavors, like nuts, berries and honey or maple syrup.

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Homemade Almond Milk

I drink a lot of almond milk, and I absolutely love it!  I put it in smoothies and pour it over my homemade granola.  Recently though, I’ve been reading a lot about different additives that are used in store bought almond milk and decided to try and make my own.  Now, I am never going back!


It is so easy and you can adjust the taste to your liking: sweeter with added agave or cinnamon, or subtle with just a touch of vanilla.  The first step is to soak a cup of almonds in a cup of filtered water.  You can do this for 5 minutes, or up to overnight.

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Watermelon Mint Spritzer

Watermelon is a summer staple.  It reminds me of childhood barbecues and the smell of chlorine.  As an adult, I realize how absolutely refreshing watermelon is, especially when paired with a little mint and agave like we’re doing today.


Make sure your watermelon is ripe and seedless for this recipe. I used one medium-small sized melon.

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