Vegetarian spring rolls with tamarind sauce

Spring rolls are something you can easily order at a restaurant or pick up at your grocery store. But, let me tell you… the experience making them is so much better! Plus, it’s easy and fun, I promise. I made these while listening to music, hair in a big bun and my workout clothes on. Cooking is a workout, right?


The biggest lesson in making spring rolls is the prep. If you have everything prepared and make an assembly line of sorts, then making spring rolls is a snap. You can put just about anything you want inside your rolls. I made vegetarian ones with lots of fresh veggies and good flavor, like these scallions.


Mung bean noodles, which are also called “cellophane” noodles are such a great addition. They have a great texture, and hardly any flavor so they soak up the flavor from the sauce really well. And to cook them, you literally pour boiling water over them and let them sit for 20 minutes.

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Coconut strawberry cream tartlets


By now you know two things about me based on this blog: 1) I have a fairly large sweet tooth and 2) I am overall a healthful eater. The best is when 1) and 2) come together for healthful desserts, like those vegan brownies we made and that yummy avocado chocolate mousse. Both are delicious!

This dessert uses whole ingredients like fresh strawberries (Hello, summer!) and raw cashews.

The “cream” is very easy to make because a blender or food processor does pretty much everything.

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Sweet potatoes with caramelized onions, spinach and raisins


One of my favorite things to do is to just throw things together. I definitely do that with my wardrobe, and I love doing it with cooking. Recipes are important, but sometimes the most delicious things you’ll eat are things you’ve created on the fly, using whatever you have handy.


I had an onion and a white sweet potato that needed to be used. Caramelized onions are absolutely my favorite and sweet potatoes, both orange and white, are always in my kitchen.

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Classic Gazpacho

I have to admit, this is my first time making Gazpacho. I’ve had it before, on a hot summer day when you can’t even imagine eating anything hot! Gazpacho is light and refreshing and makes a good side dish or appetizer, or a light lunch or dinner. This is the classic version, but there are so many ways you could spice it up!

Gazpacho is healthy, full of fresh vegetables like cucumber.

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