New York Food Tour

In New York, you can get a s’more that is definitely better than the ones made round a campfire. I have tried before to roast marshmallows for s’mores over a gas stove, a large candle, and a small lighter but none compare to my experience here. I love New York for many reasons, but chief among them may be the food.

These indoor s’mores are just the beginning. Homemade chocolate graham crackers perfectly compliment the homemade espresso marshmallow that is toasted inside the Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall. I split with a friend and was surprised by how un-messy it was! Three Tarts also has an Indoor S’mores kit that you can order! You’re welcome.

Then, not too far away you can get steamed octopus at Eataly. Even if you don’t actually eat at Eataly, it is a feast for your eyes.

See what I mean?

However, nothing is better than the completely unpretentious Shake Shack. The lines are always long. The wait? Always worth it! This is the vanilla frozen custard with salted peanuts and hot fudge that I polished off shortly after noon one day! No shame.

Don’t worry, though. I balanced that sugar with a little protein!

Le Pain Quotidien has locations all over the world. It is a chain, but one that feels like your local coffee shop with delicious food. This is my morning spinach and goat cheese quiche.

Sarabeth’s on the Upper West Side is one of my favorite New York spots. It’s cozy with a menu filled with comfort food. This is my crab cake sandwich with an apple-watercress salad. I was too excited to take a picture, but I finished the meal with a cookie from the best bakery: Levain. It’s right around the corner from Sarabeth’s. Let’s just say, I was licking my fingers!

And in New York, there are always the new hotspots. El Toro Blanco is one of them. It’s Mexican-ish and very delicious, although a bit pricy. This is Carne Tampiqueña: skirt steak with a cheese enchilado and a cactus salad. It was yummy!

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