Healthy, Homemade Pizza with Spinach Caesar Salad


I have a slight obsession with pizza. There’s something about being able to eat a meal with your hands that is so satisfying. Pizza is casual, but can be fancy and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it, which is why it is a perfect dish to serve at a dinner party for friends.


All good pizzas need a good homemade pizza sauce. This one is loaded with fresh garlic, and LOTS of basil.

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Pro-Pineapple and Mint

I know not all of the country feels this way just yet, but in Southern Arizona, Spring is here! The sun is shining, people are wearing shorts and flip flops and I can almost taste the summer fruits that will fill my local farmer’s market in just a few weeks.

I figure it is time for longer workouts and tastier post-workout drinks to make it seem worthwhile.

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Kale Salad with Cranberries and Toasted Pine Nuts

We just made really delicious muffins to make our Monday better, and before that we made buttery, indulgent cookies. It’s time for leafy green kale. Fresh, healthy kale. Don’t you think? Life is about balance.


But really, this cranberry-pine nut kale salad is so tasty you won’t be missing those cookies. You’ll be helping yourself to seconds of this salad.

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Spiced Yogurt Muffins


Muffins make my morning. It’s that simple. Muffins are breakfast cupcakes, if you ask me. And pair your muffin(s) with coffee, tea, or a smoothie and your morning is instantly better! Especially on a Monday. Who likes Mondays? Muffin Monday? Yes.

Would you believe me if I told you these muffins have no (added) sugar? This muffin is sweetened with Greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce and a medley of yummy spices.

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Turkey Meatballs with Goat Cheese and Crushed Red Pepper

Did you know yesterday was National Meatball Day? I didn’t either. But, I’m glad we have such a day to celebrate all the wonder that lives in such a tiny (depending on how you make them, I guess) ball of meat. I’ve never been a fan of the word “meatball” but I really do enjoy eating them. There is a pizza place where I live that serves chicken meatball pizza. It is by far one of the most delicious things I’ve tasted.


All good meatballs need good mix-ins. To bind the meat with your other ingredients, you need an egg. I’m using just an egg white here. Minced garlic is always necessary.

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Hazelnut-Espresso Stars


During college, my mom would occasionally send me boxes, usually filled with clothes I left behind or – even better – her homemade granola, which I constantly craved. Now that I’m no longer at school, and all the kids are out of the house, my mom says she doesn’t have much use for things like cookie cutters. I got a box from her recently and inside there was a bag filled with cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes! I think it’s the best box-from-mom ever, especially now that I make granola on my own, thanks to years of watching her do it.


In my opinion, all the best cookies start with butter. When baking, it’s best to use room temperature butter that leans toward the colder side.

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