The best way to start a Sunday, or any day

I think there is something magical about mornings, Sundays in particular. It has everything to do with relaxation and the fact that most of us usually have no place to be right away. From the second I wake up on a morning when I know I can spend time eating and enjoying breakfast, I dream of what to make. Sometimes my indecision leaves me to drink far too much coffee. But this weekend morning, I woke with french toast on my mind. For me, morning breakfast magic typically begins with eggs.



And cinnamon + vanilla.


Whip your three magical ingredients together, with a touch of sea salt.


For my french toast, I used leftover rustic Italian bread from the night I made yummy eggplant parmesan. Let the bread soak up the eggy goodness.

Your skillet should be hot, and coated with a light layer of butter. I knew I wanted to top my meal with warm bananas, so before I flipped the toast to the other side, I added my sliced bananas into the pan.


Strawberries and bananas make for a healthful topping. I drizzled light agave syrup on top for a little added sweetness.


Clearly, it was terrible!


  • Any sort of bread you desire! If you have fresh, bakery bread that’s a day or even two or three days old, use that. The egg mixture will bring it back to life! 
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon cinnamon (depending on your liking)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (you could also add almond extract for a different, nutty flavor)
  • Garnish: berries, honey, agave, Greek yogurt. The options are endless!


  • Mix together your eggs with the cinnamon and vanilla
  • Heat your skillet and coat lightly with butter
  • Let the bread soak a couple minutes on each side until it’s barely soggy
  • Add your eggy bread into the skillet and let cook over medium-high heat for two-four minutes on each side
  • Outside should be golden brown
  • Add sliced bananas into the skillet and let them warm in the butter
  • Slice your strawberries
  • Assemble, drizzle agave and enjoy!


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