Luscious Lemon-Cranberry Biscotti

Biscotti is one of my absolute favorite baked goods to make. It takes a while, which is one reason it’s satisfying: the best things in life are those you wait for, right? In Italian, biscotti translates to “twice baked.” Biscotti stores well, and the cookie is said to have come about during Columbus’s days of exploration. I lived in Florence, Italy for a while and would typically have almond biscotti with sweet wine after dinner.

I made this lemon-cranberry biscotti, adapted from this recipe which calls for white chocolate, not cranberries. I love the tartness of lemons and cranberries together and the subtle sweetness provided by the cup or so of sugar.

Typical cookie-style desserts call for more butter, but biscotti generally doesn’t need as much. This recipe has just half a stick. Nearly guilt-free!!

You could do lemon-almond, lemon-pistachio or a number of combinations! I had some this morning, dipped in black coffee. A delicious way to start my Saturday. Happy weekend!


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