Chicken Pesto Panini

A perfect panini.

Lunch is not my favorite meal. I much prefer breakfast when you can sit, drink coffee, read the paper, listen to NPR, and be in your PJs! Lunch typically means your day has started, you may not have much time to savor your meal. It’s the rare occasions when I can sit and stay a while that I like lunch much more.

The other day, I made this terrific panini. I have a panini griddle, but you can also cook up the sandwich in a frying pan, flipping and pressing the sandwich down. Making a “fancy” lunch at home is much better than grabbing something quick, on the go somewhere. And it’s simple!

This one is filled with shredded chicken breast, leftover from my dinner the night before, and yummy organic avocado. It’s slathered with a generous amount of stout and stoneground mustard, little S&P, shredded parmesan and served atop a bed of leafy greens with EVOO and balsamic. The bread is my favorite, Alvarado Street Bakery’s California Complete Protein Bread. Before grilling, I drizzled a very little amount of olive oil for a golden crunch. Not to-go, but something yummy to take away!